Credibility-crisis Hits Normalisation Committee

The Normalisation Committee has been caught in an embarrassing credibility-crisis after failing to reveal the budget to local clubs, which has forced the delay start of the Special Competition, Headquarters can report.

The country's 16 Premier League clubs in particular are demanding for the variables expenses of the $800,000 earmarked for the four-month competition amid a transparency crisis which has hit the interim Ghana FA body.

The Normalisation Committee is yet to respond to a double -dose request cum reminder to the body regarding the financial arrangements of the competition.

The current situation has led to a stalemate between the two parties as they jostle over financial details of the competition, top officials have told

Local clubs have been left in abeyance, seeking for full financial disclosure before committing to the competition which is being funded by the Ghanaian taxpayer.

The now-vibrant country's elite football clubs rescinded their decision to boycott the Special Committee after an initial threat to pull plugs over several disagreements.

But the clubs now want a detailed budget for the competition so they can understand the financial requirements of the tournaments - a request which has flatly been denied by authorities.

The clubs have insisted they will secure additional funding for the competition once there is full disclosure on the $ 800,000 financial terms for the tournament - clearly the stalemate which has stalled the start of the tournament originally scheduled to kick start on February 3.

There is no clear signs from the Ghana Football Association on the exact date for the commencement of the hugely-anticipated tournament as fixtures are yet to be released with clubs left in limbo.

The launch of the competition remains unclear as the FA battle with clubs on the financial terms of the competition.

The current situation is a massive slap on a normalisation period for Ghana football as it betrays the essence of restoring trust in the game in the West African nation.

The Normalisation Committee was instituted by FIFA following the airing of the 'Number 12' video by controversial journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas which revealed widespread corruption in the game in June 2018.