Security Services Are Now Better - Avoka

Outgoing Interior Minister Cletus Avoka says his short tenure in office has drastically improved the image of the police service and other security agencies under the ministry. Mr. Avoka will leave the Interior Ministry if Parliament approves the nomination of Martin Amidu as the new minister. As the Member of Parliament for Zebilla prepares to take on a new job, possibly as Majority Leader in Parliament, he says he has left a positive legacy at the ministry. “In January 2009 when we took over the reigns of government, armed robbery and other violent crimes in the country [were] on the ascendancy during the previous year, drug menace was on the ascendancy during 2008 and before then and all other activities. There were also violent conflicts in other parts of the country. And there was a lot of negative public image, as far as the security services are concerned. So first and foremost you’ll agree with me that between January 2009 and today, there is improved public image as far as the police service and other security services are concerned,” he told Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng. According to Mr Avoka, latest reports of police extortion are exceptional and never reflective of the service’s image. Mr Avoka exits his current portfolio and was rumoured to be to returning to Parliament as Majority Leader. But with the suggestion meeting a strong objection from NDC Majority MPs in the house, President Mills is said to be holding further meetings with the caucus to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, an unscientific poll conducted by Joy News indicates most Ghanaians are disillusioned with the police. “I don’t respect the police…If they stop taking bribes from drivers I will respect them,” a respondent indicated.