Edmund Kyei Writes: Why Does Mahama And Ofosu-Ampofo Want To Drive Ghana Into The Abyss?

The security and peace of our dear nation is so paramount to every Ghanaian, the peace we are enjoying as a country is a collective responsibility of the citizens of this nation.

I was surprised when I heard Ofosu Ampofo who is the chairman of the opposition NDC party plotting with some of his party bigwigs to disrupt the peace of this country.

Their plan was to make Ghanaians feel unsafe under this current government. 

Ofosu Ampofo an Elder of the Church of Pentecost categorically stated he has endorsed his communication machinery to insult the Peace Council Chairman who double as a Reverend Minister, Ofosu Ampofo also said they are waging relentless war against the EC Chairperson and take the commissioner to the cleaners, he also added he will insight some senior police officers against government.

The worse of it all is that Ofosu Ampofo said he will use his party thugs to target and attack some people to let them feel they are in danger and Ghana is not safe under this current government.

Shamefully Church of Pentecost Elder Ofosu Ampofo quoted ex president Mahama saying “when it comes to the game of violence we are better than the NPP."  Ofosu Ampofo utterances show clearly that he and his party are behind the Takoradi kidnappings so I'm urging the BNI and the CID to interrogate this revelation very well because we love the peaceful nature of our country Ghana.

Why is Mahama so desperate for power? He wants to destroy the peaceful nature of our country Ghana and later come to play the saint? Ofosu Ampofo-Mahama God is watching every move.

My candid opinion to the state is that Ofosu Ampofo should be invited to the commission of enquiry, since he admitted in the audio he is aware they brought Azorka boys from Tamale to cause chaos in Ayawaso by-election.

...... Signed.....
Edmund Kyei
NPP Communication Member
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice