Manchester United 2-1 Watford

They've had the Chosen One, the Special One and whatever dubious moniker you wish to apply to Louis van Gaal. The inauguration of a new leader at Old Trafford is beginning to resemble that old line from Monty Python's Life of Brian: 'He is the Messiah! And I should know! I've followed a few!'

They dutifully unveiled their huge Ole Gunnar Solskjaer banner across the Stretford End, proclaiming him a legend, which he will, of course always be, in these parts. Yet, as almost everyone has observed since his appointment was confirmed last week, the real job starts now. 

That caretaker business was a joy, like a winning election campaign: exhilarating, accompanied by a catchy song and full of unlikely promise. After that comes the hard part of actual governing.