Gyedu Blay Ambolley Blames Media For Fading Out Ghana’s Heritage

Veteran highlife musician, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley has accused the media of having a hand in the gradual collapse and destruction of Ghana’s musical heritage [Highlife].

The Highlife singer in an interview with blamed the media for encouraging especially the young artistes to totally deviate from the foundation on which the entire Ghana music industry was built.

“The younger ones are doing dancehall and things like that and the media is hailing them. The radio stations, all of them are playing dancehall and things like that.”

Mr. Gyedu-Blay lamented that the neglect of highlife by the youngsters is a big problem that the elders should take seriously to create hope of salvaging its significance to not only the music industry but the country as a whole.

“The highlife that our elders left, the younger ones are not doing it. They are doing more dancehall, singing in patoa, doing reggae and putting highlife behind.”

He pleaded and called on the elders to join hands to create a united front; “One man cannot fight a dozen. We need to put our heads together. If we do not put our heads together as musicians, then we will face the same problems we are facing now.” He said.

The highlife legend reiterated that highlife is not just Ghanaian music but it is also a sense of pride and a source of instant identification for the world.

“The media is helping music that comes out of our heritage to vanish. But it will not vanish anyway. Because highlife is the source of every music in the world, so it will never vanish.”