Corruption And Cronyism Will Take Over Public Universities If  . . .  – MP for Bongo

Member of Parliament for Bongo constituency in the Upper East Region, Edward Abambire Bawa has emphatically stated that the Public Universities Bill when passed will aid admission corruption practices in our Public Universities.

He said this will prevent the less privileged but academically good from enjoying their effort.

According to him, part of the Bill that mandates random placement entry into public universities just like the SHS process will indeed cause a lot of problems than can be imagined.

“Corruption and cronyism will take over public universities if the Bill is accepted to become a law,” he said.

The Bongo MP indicated that after listening to Professors of education, members of UTAG and some law makers, he has realized the Bill carries negative impacts than any positive means, should it be passed.

Speaking on Adom FM’s ‘Mpensenpensenmu’ programme, Edward Bawa advised government not to think of the benefit it will generate from the Public Universities Bill, rather it must prioritize the students first.