Mahama And Akufo-Addo’s Inaction Against Zoomlion Means The Company Did Nothing Wrong- Mashoud Bawa Writes

Dear Manasseh Azure Awuni,

My attention is drawn to your opened folder this week in rehashing your usual hymn of calling Zoomlion’s contracts with government fraudulent and shady. You also went on your traditional trajectory to describe or use unprintable words on our President H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo just as you did to Former President John Dramani Mahama when he was in office as president.

Manasseh you suffer a chronic disease called oral diarrhoea which is gifted you by lack of proper training or that you are naturally selfish, arrogant and disrespectful to everybody except Pastor Mensah Otabil the only person in Ghana you cannot criticise.

I have always said one can make one’s case succinctly clear without insulting but that is what you Manasseh has always failed to consider in your pursuit of undeserving fame.

Well, I intend to clear matters relating to your diabolic conclusions drawn on Zoomlion and the Jospong Group of Companies and especially the world’s key sanitation entrepreneur Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong for that matter because I have followed this story over time now and I have a lot of insights in it and will not allow your mischief and malice to pass, never at all.

You said you uncovered rot at GYEEDA against Zoomlion and other companies and some actions were taken by John Mahama against other companies but nothing happened to Zoomlion and Nana Addo also failed to take such actions as prescribed by you against the man and his companies.

Today, you have so soon forgotten that the same you (Manasseh) wrote jubilation and thanking government not quite long ago for cancelling Zoomlion’s bin contract which in actual sense expired on contractual terms for non-servicing attitude on the part of both government and Zoomlion, a statement by the company.

You said contract was cancelled but that was untrue the company emphasised on Radio Gold and was repeated on several media platforms against your multimedia false reportage.

People may not know that you (Manasseh) have an ill intention against Zoomlion but let me critically ask how it has come to be that because you now want to lambast the president for public sympathy you are saying the man has done nothing about the company but when you were running round and was jumping from platform to platform touting government for cancelling that contract you said Nana Addo did something but I tell you that was an action you just assumed but in reality it was not because the contract ended unperformed by both parties.

You in spite of the glaring evidence of no case against Zoomlion starring at your face, you still believe in unnatural dreams that Zoomlion is criminal and their contracts are fraudulent and shady and must be prosecuted to retrieve money from it for the state.

Your bruise is why government pays Zoomlion GH¢500.00 per YEA worker and the company pays them only GH¢100.00 but you know for a fact that Zoomlion went to government/YEA with a proposal that it will take GH¢400.00 as management fee to provide leadership, equipment, waste trucks and fuel among other things for waste haulage and the supervision of the workers. If you aware that YEA decides how many workers should be at which district and how much they should be paid and you think you care more about them than your rival Zoomlion why not direct your focus to YEA for their emoluments to be increased as I am told Zoomlion pushed for it to move from GH¢50.00 to GH¢100.00?   

You also have an idea that Zoomlion’s relationship with the workers is how they work effectively and not their remuneration. Indeed, their engagement, remuneration and terms including their appointment letters are issued by YEA and not Zoomlion. As I write am told Zoomlion is still pushing for their wages to be increased because the company feels for the workers and you have often than not incited them against the company.

Azure you have indicated in writing that you submitted evidences to the Attorney Generals Department for them to prosecute Zoomlion but the A-G says your evidence you provided are seriously insufficient to prosecute the company yet in your self-styled barrister status you want the company prosecuted “oh what mediocrity be this”.

I am here to tell you blatantly that when your lawyer tells you that your evidence is not sufficient enough to prosecute it means you have no case period. The Attorney General’s statement last month should serve as a caution to you and that is it.

John Mahama and Nana Addo both as Presidents could not and cannot act on people’s sentiments, nor their whims and caprices they act in accordance with the law. If they have not found a case against the company so it is so back off with your unnecessary allegations without proof, it is not what you wish that will be done. Remember I asked you to put yourself up for president if you feel you are that intelligent and competent and stop using words such as idiot when you are discussing matters relating to elderly people so you can live long for it is written that you should honour your mother and father ….

You should have known that John Mahama and Akufo-Addo’s inaction against Zoomlion means the company did nothing wrong simple.