Bradez Ready For Music Awards

Sensational hiplife duo Bradez, which comprises of Stone (flow king) - Nsiah Boamah Kwaku, and Kunta Kinte - Nsiah Amankwah Kwaku, have started an all-out campaign for honours at the upcoming Ghana Music Awards. After years of hard work and dedication to their music career, the young artistes are looking forward to being accepted and recognised by the country�s music family following their success with fantastic mega hit, Simple. Undoubtedly, the Simple song has been largely famous and loved by many in Ghana and around the world. In fact, Simple is what everyone in Liberia wants to hear on their radio sets and in the clubs now. In Ghana, the tune by Bradez has received the highest number of downloads from mobile phone content providers over the past few months. During the month of December the song received over 20,000 downloads per day, and it went on for several weeks. Sales of the music were also tremendous, according to the producers. Indeed, renowned music writers and entertainment critics have lauded the creativity of the duo, calling them one of the best ever duos to emerge from this side of the world. With their album �Da Breakthru�, one has to agree that it is a major step forward for hiplife in Ghana. Other hit tracks on the album are �Dondo�, �Flashe�, Run Things, �Woso Remix� and so many others. The album also features music heavyweights Daddy Lumba, Okyeame Kwame, Kwabena Kwabena, Nana Fynn, Asem, Richie, Tinny, Samini and Kofi B. They first appeared in the music industry in 2005 when they released the �Efirifie� album. That album had tracks like �1gallon (419)�, which became an instant hit in spite of the strong competition at the time. The duo seeks to use this year�s Ghana Music Awards to announce their arrival to the world and make sure it is understood that they are here to stay. According to them, the world has not seen anything yet, and that they are ready to give all they have got. �We know the talent we have and are aware of our capabilities, but for know what you guys have seen is just an introduction to the real deal. Just wait for the main package which is coming soon and then you can really have fun because it is specially made for you to enjoy�, they indicated. To Bradez, their most exciting moment was when they heard their song on the radio for the first time. On their views on hiplife, they had this to say: �Hiplife is very versatile, it's like energy, it changes from one form to the other. I call it the trendiest music in Ghana. In the next 5years at least 3 hiplife artistes will be known internationally and Bradez will definitely be part of that three�.