Numo Nmashie Shows Gratitude To GARHCs and Affirms Ing Sur. Larbi Darko as their Power Of Attorney Holder.

The three quarters comprising the Numo Nmashie Family of Teshie (Kle,Krobo,Agbawe) with the Wulormo, Mankralo and Shikitele of Teshie, elders and youth met at next door, Teshie on the 3rd of August, 2019 to announce to the public that, the Greater Accra Regional house of Chiefs has finally approved Nii Okang Duamro Nmashie III as the Mankralo of Teshie from the Krobo quarter.

They also confirmed the Shikitele who comes Agbawe quarter, the Wulomo from Kle quarter, all from the Numo Nmashie quarters .

With the confirmation of the Mankralo who doubles as the head of family the leaders and youth are asking for peace and unity to come into the administration of their land.

This has become necessary since there are so many people parading themselves as Numo Nmashie and selling the lands to enrich themselves in haphazard manner creating problems for them.

Formally the leadership and the youth have met and decided to on Ing Sur. Samuel Larbi Darko, an expert in land to deal with their lands to manage their lands properly on their behalf.They have subsequently given him Power Of Attorney over all the lands of over seventy(70) villages that is under Teshie Mankralo.Therefore anyone who wants to acquire land within all the Numo Nmashie lands should contact Ing Sur. Darko to be able to transact business with him.

This will be bring peace and unity to the people of Teshie since people are creating problems. They want a single point of sale to their lands so that they don't do double sales as is been done in the past at other places.

"With Ing Sur. Darko's expertise as surveyor and Engineer he will ensure that such actions will not take place and correct things are done". They added

The administrative secretary for family also stated that there will be correct demarcations, and surveys and everything will be done rightfully because of his expertise . He has so far been dealing with them creditably,and they want to make sure that every sales will be channelled through him.

The historic meeting was attended by the various heads of family within the Numo Nmashie family namely Ex WO 1 Henry Sowah Otinkorang(head of klu Din we) , Mr. Daniel Nii Mensah Ablorh(administrative secretary & principal elder), Nii Klu Boye,Kwei Sowah,Adjetey Annan, Justice Adjetey Adjei, Lawson Adjetey Sowah, Nii Okang Duamro Nmashie III(Teshie Mankralo).

The announcement was made on behalf of the family by Mr. Daniel Nii Mensah, administrative Secretary and principal elder.