Will NDC Renege On This Promise?

We at the Informer will have doubts to believe the Atta Mills led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, would yield to pressure from both outside and within their party, and act contrary to the promises they made to the people of this country which today has offered them the opportunity to once again steer the affairs of this nation. It is undeniable among other things that, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) then in opposition won the sympathy of many people with their �change for a better Ghana� agenda catchphrase and therefore entrusting their destiny in the hands of President Mills (then the flag bearer), due to the qualitative manifesto that they presented on that faithful Saturday at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre. It became obvious that after the NDC party unveiled their manifesto, chronicling their projections and policies with regards to how they intend to govern this country if offered the opportunity especially their emphasis on protecting the national coffers and cutting down on the expenditure of government officials, even on-the-edge voters got attracted hence the result of the NDC ruling today. These confidence we think should never be taken for granted since the people of this country are discerning and will not hesitate to show political parties the exit from power, should anything unfortunate is done in breach of a promise made to them. The Atta Mills government having enjoyed the goodwill of Ghanaians for the year and over in the administration of this country should be mindful of their promises and should not do anything regrettable since Ghanaians will judge them in 2012 based on their own pronouncements. Though we agree with the policies of the Atta Mills government, especially the effort on the part of the President to cut down on the size of government appointees so as to save the nation�s coffers from bleeding, we will not relent in our effort to take government to the cleaners, should we smell anything unfriendly to that regard. Despite the fact that The Informer cannot confirm the information available to us at the moment, we advice that President Mills and his government hold firm their promise of cutting down the size of government Ministries and not to bow to pressures being mounted within the NDC for the need to create a separate Ministry to supervise the operations of Parliament, like it existed during the Kufuor regime. We think it was of a valid purpose that the President decided to down-size his government and therefore no single individual should push for a Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs to be created since it will be an affront to the every basis for which the party sees itself in power today. The Informer is therefore calling on the President not to renege on his promises and what his members told the suffering masses of this country, prior to the 2008 general elections, since no one can determine the extent of damage it will cause him and the NDC in entirety. It is important for people in the ruling NDC government to know that the national interest supersedes their selfish interest and therefore should not bother our ears with calls that they need to be called Ministers of State in their constituencies. They can go to hell, because President Atta Mills will not give in to their egoistic demands and create another Ministry to satisfy their increasingly over bloating egos. They can resign as Parliamentarians if they think their demands have not been granted. What is this?