Club Beer Launches 500ml Cans

Club Beer, Accra Brewery Limited’s (ABL) flagship brand and Ghana’s number one selling beer, expanded its product range with cans under the theme “Welcome Freedom”.

These 500ml cans compliment CLUB Beer’s existing 330ml, 625ml returnable glass bottles, and BUBRA (draught). .

During the Launch, Ms. Ewurafua Add-Atuah, ABL’s Head of Marketing, stated that “the introduction of CLUB Beer cans highlights our company’s effort to be Trusted for our diverse portfolio of high quality brands to suit every palate”.

She added that “this innovation will contribute to CLUB Beer’s continued presence throughout different occasions and generations, as well as enhance its appeal among consumers as a truly Ghanaian brand that brings friends together”.

She further assured consumers of CLUB Beer’s continuous drive to serve exciting new offerings.

Ms. Addo-Atuah further expressed her delight over the level of convenience the new cans will offer consumers of CLUB.

She remarked that CLUB has always prided itself in offering differentiated experiences that drive resonance with consumers whilst mirroring their needs and introduction of the cans marks another one of these experiences for Charlies across the country.

Ms. Addo-Atuah said that “in addition, the aluminium cans give credence to ABL’s commitment to invest in a Cleaner World where natural resources are shared and preserved for the future”.

Aluminium cans are considered to be the most recyclable beverage packaging which result in an increase in value and recycling rate unlike other forms of packaging.

CLUB Beer 500ml cans are available for sale in retail shops and key distributor points at GHC6.50 per can.