Movie Industry Losing it's Direction – Osofo Moses

One of the expectations of the creative industry is that players will address key societal issues with their craft but for Akan Drama actor, Rev Charles Kofi Nti also known as Osofo Moses, that role is being lost in recent times.

According to him, he is disappointed that lately, all that he sees in movies are insults and comedy.

“I feel sad when I watch the kind of movies we churn out today. There are lots of issues in society that we need to bring out but what do you see today, lots of insults in the movies and comedy.

“This is not to say laughter is not good but the question is what is the purpose of the laughter? How would it change society, change the lives of people? Honestly it’s a worrying trend, we have gradually moved from giving advice and teaching lessons, which is the essence of movies," he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Continuing, Osofo Moses said, “When I started acting, a script for a movie went through a lot of hands. We had people whose responsibility it was to go through the scripts and criticise them before they went into production, so you could not just bring anything out but today it seems everything goes.”

Osofo Moses also tasked movie directors and producers to ensure that Ghanaian culture was not absent from their movies.

“What I see today has nothing to do with our culture, look at what foreign content on our televisions teach, it is nothing to write home about," he said.

For Osofo Moses, money should not be the only consideration when it comes to doing movies.

"Someone will say the telenovelas generate money for the television stations but money is the root of all evil, actors should not follow money and take on any role. Let’s get back to our culture, it will not be easy but we will get there,” he indicated.