Fake Lawyer Busted

A 34-year-old man who posed as a lawyer has been busted, a disclaimer letter by the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) signed by J. L. Lawson, an Executive Secretary, has stated.

Isaac Paa Kwesi Anan Eshun until his ‘lawyer activities’ were uncovered had succeeded in walking in high corridors, pretending to be a lawyer for many high-profile clients.

A Due Diligence Report on Isaac Eshun by the GBA sighted by DAILY GUIDE stated, “… We acknowledge your letter of enquiry of October 1, 2019 in respect of the above. We advice that Isaac Eshun does not exist in the roll of lawyers called to the Ghana Bar.”

He also succeeded in acquiring a fake certificate from the General Legal Council of Ghana in September 23, 2016, which stated, “… Isaac Eshun has satisfied the Council that he has attained the necessary standards of proficiency in the law that has obtained adequate practical experience in the law.”

Until his nefarious activities were uncovered, he represented Mohamed Ould Ibrahim, also referred to as Omar, an alleged rapist, a suspected terrorist and a criminal, believed to be hiding in Mali.

The fake lawyer is said to have strong links with people in authority, the security agencies and other high places where he is widely known as a legal practitioner.

Few weeks ago, it emerged that his client, Omar, controversially kidnapped him (Eshun) at his hiding place in Mali.

Already, four Lebanese/ Yemeni nationals last Thursday left the Kwabenya Circuit Court in Accra (where Ould is being tried in absentia for rape) disappointed after realizing that their lawyer (lsaac Eshun) was fake.

As a result, the court adjourned the case to November 13, next month, and has instructed the accused persons to hire the services of a new legal practitioner.

The prosecutor of the rape case, Mary Ahafianyo, said, “The case has been adjourned to November 13. We have realized the accused person’s lawyer is not a real lawyer; their clients confirmed it and we have also read it online.”

“He didn’t show up today; l realized from his demeanour some months ago that he is not a lawyer. I asked some lawyers but they brushed it aside,” she added.

Omar is the ring leader of the accused persons numbering 17. Ten are on the run with only four currently in town.

They have been accused of rape and immigration breaches.

Few weeks ago, they were invited by the Ghana Immigration Headquarters and later to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for interrogation.

The fake lawyer was recently kidnapped by Omar in Mali where the latter is believed to be hiding and it took the intervention of some diplomats to get him released.