Why I Endorse Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng As The Next President Of Ghana

It is a happy day and week after the historic election of NPP leaders in Kumasi on February 27, 2010. I count myself fortunate (thanks to my 'constituency' members in Toronto/Canada) to have been one of the 4500 or so delegates who voted. I join with all NPP members across the globe in cerebrating this feat. Now that the dust is settling, it is all too obvious that the next big thing - electing the man/woman at the helm of affairs, to the Jubilee House, to lead a 21st century government, to bring proper governance, to restore hope to Ghanaians, to bring integrity and trust in government, practice common-sense approach to day-to-day needs of the Ghanaian - NPP will soon open the nomination process to make that happen. I, Samuel Kwame Darko, HEREBY WISH TO DECLARE MY SUPPORT FOR Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng [KFB] to be the man to be chosen by the great NPP to take the mantle. I believe NPP will be honored/proud/happy and satisfied to heed to this call. You ask: who are you to matter and why do you do this at this time when no decision (on date) has been made and nothing has been heard from KFB? I say, I believe KFB would be a great President and therefore I want to support him regardless. And I say, also, that in the scheme of things, in the ocean of millions of NPP supporters, in the matter of who weighs sway in the party, in the area of who has deep pocket to bankroll a candidate, in the consideration of many....I MAY BE A NOBODY. All I know is that I have ONLY been an NPP member from my 'comfort-zone' base in Toronto since 1995; I have ONLY been an NPP defender/apologist/promoter at [Ghanaian] barbar/grocery shops, 'outdoorings'/funerals and all social gatherings I find myself - I THEREFORE CALL MYSELF A FOOT SOLDIER. In the last cycle of Presidential nomination contest, I was present when Dr. Arthur Kennedy and Hon Osafo Marfo opened their Toronto campaigns BUT chose to join FONAA (Freinds of Nana Akufo-Addo). I worked with FONAA up to Nana's win and had to quit because I did not see the need for its existence after Nana's nomination. I continued to work with the campaign in the online efforts at www.akufoaddo.org. I like and respect Nana Akufo-Addo for his contribution to our party and tradition. To all the people on this forum (or who may read here) that know me to be a Nana supporter, I'm sorry that I did not give you a prior notice before this 'switch'. I apologize sincerely. *WHY I SUPPORT PROF. KWABENA FRIMPONG BOATENG [KFB]* *1.* I support KFB because in him I see a DOER - from his patience in waiting 8 years just to get approval to establish the heart center to all his other achievements. *2.* I endorse *KFB* because I see him as a man of *INTEGRITY*. Even his opponents cannot help but admit that you can't tie him with anything negative. Politically, this is very, very important. *3*. I support *KFB* because he pays *ATTENTION TO LITTLE THINGS AND IDEAS*before all other big ideas. Professor Boateng will, for example, ask why it takes one, two, or more years for a new nurse or a certificate 'A' teacher to get her first pay and ensure that such problem is solved before thinking about hiring more teachers and nurses. *KFB* will ask and get solution to why the police take 'gifts' on the roadsides before doubling the number of the Poilce force, otherwise all that will do is license more 'day robbers'. *4.* I support *KFB* because I can *TRUST* when he embarks on any policy initiative because it will be just a routine to him. Talk about Health, Education, Agriculture, Energy, Technology and you can confirm that *KFB*practices them everyday of his life and hence, he wouldn't be found wanting in understanding anything. Check it out here: http://www.frimpongboateng.com/08/files/flash/videos.html *5*. I endorse Kwabena Frimpong Boateng for the fact that I can have *ACCESS * to him without first moving mountains. *6.* I support *KFB* because he would *NEVER* engage in dirty politics himself or through his *WORKERS/SUPPORTERS*. *KFB* will discourage his supporters from engaging in name-calling, lies... privately and *PUBLICLY*. *7.* I want *KFB* to be the next President because he would not *PROMISE*anybody *CASH* or *JOBS* if/when he becomes the President but would rather *TELL*people to change their mindset and attitude towards hard work and self responsibility. *8.* I support *KFB* because he would never hire a secretary/spokesperson/campaign manager who himself/herself employs a secretary. *9.* I support *KFB* because he's on I-phone, twitter, facebook and checks his messages direct, not through a secretary - he understands the world we live in now. *10.* I'm routing for *KFB* because he's prepared to meet the people at Huni-Valley, Nyinahin, Bole, Chiraa, Worchester, (MA, USA), Toronto, Canada and any village *BUT* not to ask the 'subjects' to meet the 'King' in Takoradi, Kumasi, Tamale, Sunyani, New York *11.* I support *KFB* because he'll not go on trips with 'entourage', especially campaign trips to solicit for financial support. *12.* I support *KFB* because no propaganda (which I describe as believable lies) message, particularly from the NDC, will stick to him like mud. *13.* I support *KFB* because his: - Call for *UNITY* in Ghana will be accepted by all - His call for *'zero tolerance for corruption'* will be believed *14.* I support KFB because I* WILL SPEND LESS TIME DEFENDING HIM AS A CANDIDATE AND MORE TIME CONVINCING AND WINNING* votes for him My fellow members of the great NPP party. The above are few of the reasons why I have chosen to support *Professor Kwabena Boateng* to be my next President of the Republic Of Ghana in the year 2013. I like and respect all other candidates (from the NPP family) that may be interested in the position as well, except that I see *KFB* to be the best. There's no malice on my part in posting this message, hence I urge people to please spare me any name-calling in your responses, which I welcome wholeheartedly. If you agree with me and want to join with me in spreading the Professor's message, please use my contact below. I trust the Ghanaian voter to look to the above (and more) of the Professor's qualities and decide appropriately. Thank you.