Why Keep Ambulances When Ghanaians Are Dying Daily? – Occupy Ghana Asks Gov’t

Occupy Ghana has asked government to release the procured ambulances for the constituencies now.

According to the group, the government’s position to release those ambulances next year is wrong and must not be countenanced whiles unfortunate Ghanaians lose their lives.

Speaking on Okay FM’s 'Ade Akye Abia' program, a member of Occupy Ghana, Mr. Kwaku Segbefia explained that those ambulances were procured with the tax payer’s money and that they must be distributed to the constituencies for its intended purposes.

"The decision to install trackers and other equipment into those ambulances do not hold . . . Ghanaians are dying on a daily basis due to the lack of ambulances across the country why should we keep them to rot when they need it to work.

" . . We have written to government to instruct the sector Minister to distribute the ambulances," he stated.

The state of Ghana’s ambulance service has been described as critical as a country of about 29 million people only has 55 functioning ambulances serving all 10 regions.

Ghana currently has 155 ambulances, 100 of which have broken down due to various faults, many of them engine-related.

The National Headquarters of the Ambulance Service in Accra has only four ambulances.

Per the regional distribution, the Greater Accra region has the largest allocation of the scarce resource, with nine, while the Central Region has the least number of ambulances, with just two, although there are 10 service centers in the region.

Meanwhile, Minister for Special Initiatives, Hawa Koomson says the distribution of the new ambulances procured by the government for the various constituencies will commence in the first quarter of 2020.

A total of 96 out of the 300 new ambulances procured by the government to revamp the country’s ailing ambulance service have arrived in the country, pending distribution.

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