Pastor Freed From Prison

Give Me Hope Foundation has successfully sought justice for a young pastor sentenced to serve three year in prison for public altercation resulting in assaults and failure to pay ¢3000 fine by the court. 

The suspect who preaches on the street of Accra was found guilty of assaulting a man who did not allow him to preach at a vantage point because he was offended by young pastor’s message - this led to a fight between the two after which the pastor was arrested and jailed.

The Founder of Give Me Hope Foundation, Mr. Wisdom Dordoe who was informed about the incident   promised to set free the pastor by paying the fine of ¢3000.

 Mr Dordoe also disclosed that his foundation has managed to free at least 10 inmates this year.

The foundation is also currently working on taking 50 children from the slums back to school with scholarships in the next Academic calendar. 

“We are grateful to everybody who helped us to make this happen and continue to make great impact in people’s lives. We call on individuals, corporate entities and philanthropist to come on board so we make this change together,” he said