Woman, 25, Murdered At Sepase

A 25-YEAR-OLD woman has allegedly been murdered at Sepase, near Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region.

Fair in complexion and identified as Obaa Yaa, the woman was found dead in an uncompleted building last Sunday morning.

It was unclear what might have caused the death but a brother of the deceased, Patrick Kwakye, on behalf of the bereaved family, alleged that one Atta, a fiancé of Obaa Yaa, could have a hand in the lady’s murder.

Mr. Kwakye said Atta and Obaa Yaa were living together at Sepase until their relationship hit the rocks recently, which might have led to her unfortunate death.

According to him, Obaa Yaa had been complaining about persistent manhandling by Atta and because of that she left Atta’s room to rent her own.

Kwakye claimed that Atta threatened that if Obaa Yaa refused to return to him, she would suffer for it but the lady refused to return to him.

He said on Sunday morning, Obaa Yaa’s body was found in an uncompleted building in the area and insisted that “the bereaved family believes that Atta has a hand in the murder.”

He said Atta had not been seen in the area since Obaa Yaa was found dead, and appealed to the police to intensify their investigation to arrest the perpetrators.