Ghanaian Gospel Artiste Navah Out With ‘Thank you Oh Lord’ Featuring Elder Mireku

International Ghanaian gospel artiste NAVAH is finally out with his new anticipated single ‘Thank You Oh Lord’ featuring Legendary Elder Dr. Kwasi Mireku one of Ghana’s Holy Ghost packed.

‘THANK YOU OH LORD’ comes in six different languages and aims to to transform lives all over the world.

According to Navah, ‘Thank you Oh Lord’ is a call to humanity to be grateful to GOD for all Christ did for us.

Navah mentions that;

“I am working on a project dubbed #GreaterLove. I am yet to decide whether it will be released as an EP or as an album. This project is all about love songs. For a while now, I have been meditating on love. As result of my meditation, I came up with three aspects: God loving us, we loving God and we (as humans) loving each other as commanded by God. Hence, this song came after James Mireku got in touch with me to offer me a production he was working on. I loved it and decided to thank God for His unconditional love for me. It is actually a call to humanity, especially Africa (because that's where I come from) to be grateful for all that Jesus has suffered for our sake and the things he continues to do for us. I sang in about six languages for that matter and collaborated with Elder Dr Kwesi Mireku. This, I must say, is a great honor.”