Adu Boahen Calls On Govt To Protect the Country's Water Bodies

The CEO of Boahenville plant; a franchise of Voltic company, Isaac Adu Boahen says if government does not enforce the laws to protect the country's water bodies, 'it will get to a time, there will be no clean water to drink'.

According to him, even though government's anti galamsey campaign is still in operation, there are still places where the canker is still being practiced.

Speaking to the media during a familiarisation tour of his plant, he said "Ghanaian waters were polluted by this galamsey and then it took the current government to enforce the laws but it's still going on. The day we see the Pra river cleared then you know there is no galamsey going on but the Chinese are in the bush still doing it...Water is life so we don't want to get to a stage where all our waters are polluted and if we don't take care, we will get there. The laws must be enforced."

About Boahenville

Boahenville plant is a franchise company that produces Cool Pac Sachet under the authority of Voltic Ghana Limited. It is part of 60 other plants across the country. It started operating in 2017 and it currently has a staff population of 105; 80 percent are from the community. The quality of the cool Pac Sachet water is no different from the Voltic bottled water. According to producers, the cool Pac was to give consumers an experience of the bottled water.