Bride Puts Cake Between Her Breasts For Groom - VIDEO

In recent times, there has been a growing trend of videos from lavish weddings making waves across social media. Most of such weddings come with very expensive receptions (wedding parties) which usually have the couple and bridal dancing in style.

One plus-size bride has taken the excitement and trend about wedding receptions to a different with unusual antics at her own reception.

She decided to feed her husband (groom) by putting the foot on her ample bosom for him to pick with his mouth.

In a video from their wedding, the bride and her groom were seen standing by their beautifully designed wedding cake.

Done with cutting the cake, it was time for them to taste it. And the plus-size groom decided to be a little sassy.

While the groom picked a piece of the cake and was ready to put in his wife's mouth, the bride picked hers and dropped in-between her big-boobies.

Watch The Video below-