' You Can't Take My Pride, The War Has Just Begun -Deontay Wilder Vows In New Social Media Post (Video)

Recently dethroned boxer, Deontay Wilder has come out to send a furious message to fans that he intends to pursue his rematch with Tyson Fury this summer, claiming 'he will rise again'

Last Sunday, Wilder was dropped twice and stopped in the seventh round by Tyson Fury who humiliated the American boxer in a boxing master class and walked away with the WBC and Lineal heavyweight belts. 

Wilder hasn't made any social media posts since his loss as he was rushed to the hospital to be treated for ear drum damage and concussion following the fight, but the Bronze Bomber as he is fondly called took to his Twitter page this morning to send a note of warning to Fury who he is contracted to rematch this summer. 

"Hello my people, my Bomb Squad army, my Bomb Squad nation, to all my loved ones around the world. I just want to let you know I am here. Your king is here and we ain’t going nowhere, for the war has just begun. I will rise again. I am strong. I am a king, you can’t take my pride. I am a warrior. I am a king that will never give up. I’m a king that will fight to the death," Wilder said on social media.

"And if anyone don’t understand that, don’t understand what it is to go to war, don’t understand what it is to fight, we will rise again. We will regain the title. I will be back. We will hold our heads up high. Your king is in great spirits. We will rise like a phoenix from the ashes and regain the title. I’ll see you in a few months, for the war has just begun. All my love to all my people."

Watch the video below.