COVID-19: Ghanaians Exposed . . . As Thousands Throng Markets Ahead of Lockdown

On a normal day, the street leading to the market in my vicinity is seen with one or two cars parked.

Today, on my normal market day shopping, I realised that indeed we are not in normal times.

A street which is usually free was filled with cars parked as if there is a wedding ceremony or funeral  closeby.

I got to the road close to the market and I realised more people were getting down from public transports locally called ‘trotro’, and yes those private cars parked on the road belonged to other people who are anxious to stock their houses with foodstuffs.

The number of people I saw at the Dome Market, Accra, sent shivers down my spine. There was no glimpse of "a distance of a meter away" rule and ‘avoid crowd’ mantra was the last on the minds of everyone there.

After President Akufo-Addo announced the partial lockdown on Friday night, It was expected that there would be panic buying but today’s (Saturday) numbers were indescribable.

Checks made at other markets in Accra; Madina, Agbogbloshie, Circle, Achimota just to mention a few proved same.

One thing the nation is praying for and trying to avoid is community spread. However, if nothing is done to curb these numbers on our markets especially during this partial lockdown; God have mercy.

Meanwhile, the restrictions as announced by the President will start on Monday, 1 am.