Ignore EC And SP, Focus On Coronavirus – Asiedu Nketia To NDC Members

The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia has cautioned members of the party, especially its communicators, to stay off ploy by the Electoral Commission and the Special Prosecutor to divert attention from the infectious covid-19 pandemic.

“The National Democratic Congress has taken notice of recent pronouncements by government officials that are clearly intended to divert the attention of the people of Ghana from the call of the President to all and sundry to participate in the national effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

According to Mr. Asiedu Nketia, reports attributed to a senior official at the Electoral Commission saying the coronavirus pandemic could force the country not to hold elections this year, among others are all diversionary tactics.

He also mentioned the Special Prosecutor’s invitation to some personalities to assist his office in investigating the so-called Airbus scandal.

“We in the NDC view these pronouncements as statements designed to create a controversy when the attention of the people of Ghana is focused on the efforts of the government and other stakeholders to take the necessary measures to ensure the preservation of the lives and welfare of the good people of Ghana,” the NDC scribe pointed out.

“Accordingly, the NDC is by this statement urging all its communicators to avoid being drawn into matters that are irrelevant to the fight to stop the spread of the pandemic.

“We value the lives of our fellow citizens and will not spend any time responding to issues that have no bearing whatsoever on the preservation of life.”

He therefore called on all party officials and members to intensify public education, within the necessary social distancing and hygienic protocols to sustain lives and welfare.

“Finally we urge all state institutions to act in ways that reinforce rather than undermine the view of His Excellency the President that Covid-19 poses an existential threat to the people of Ghana. We shall overcome.”