Ghana Music Awards, A Night of Looking For Love And Body Exhibition

Fashion has become the desire of most women or ladies. They (ladies) are easily attracted to any custom they see magazines, fashion shows and even video clips. I don�t protest or disagree to the fact that ladies sew cloth or dress according to styles they see but I rather disagree to the fact that the length of the dress or cloth ladies sew should determine the place or kind of functions they want to wear it to. I was so embarrassed when I saw the kind of dresses and cloth our dear ladies to the just ended Ghana Music Awards, GMA. The people some of these ladies think they want to impress are the same people who sit back and criticize and insult after admiring them. The rate at which ladies occupied the place was just surprising and it is obvious that most of these ladies were there just to search for lovers since prominent and renowned people were there. It was a shame to see someone wearing something very short to the extent of her pulling it down as she walks. Some also just expose their breast openly. I just want to know whom they wanted to impress or if without those exposure they won�t be allowed in. Its fun showing what you�ve got but Ghanaian ladies should stop this kind of dressing. If it�s because of men or guys, they should know the same men are those who sit back to criticize them to the extent of commenting that they will never marry such ladies. Men are such a way that they love to go to functions with fashionable ladies who wear dresses to call for attention. It is very true ladies look smart and attractive in sewn cloth or dress but the way and manner ladies expose their bodies, especially their breast and thighs. Some copy blindly, why? It is just because they see movie stars and musicians dressed exposing their bodies to act or shoot their tracks and just copy the style anywhere they go. Meanwhile, these movie stars or musicians never expose themselves as we normally see on TV. Some Television stations even showed the kind of dresses ladies wore to the Ghana Music Awards (GMA) just to let people mock them and even criticize them. These TV Stations were just repeating the dresses, shows and even how some were struggling to walk in it. Such dressing can be used against you when you one day became a prominent person in this country such as minister, judge, writer among others. At times, the styles we (ladies) choose to sew won�t be nice when it nice but that does not mean we should sew it so short to an extent of showing their breast and their whole thighs which never speaks well of ladies because when people want to criticize, they rather say �ladies of today� which affect all ladies in general. I know sometimes they learn from the western world forgetting that their culture is totally different from our own. They are not concerned about how people will criticize them even when they know their dress is not ok. An example was the lady VIP (musicians) called on stage. Her dress was very bad and she was even pulling it down while she was dancing on the stage. What I want them to know is those who encourage and admire them are the same people who sit back to describe the type or kind of woman or lady they will marry. Some men even have ladies they go to functions or event like GMA, Clubs, and parties among other just because that person knows how to wear dress to expose her body to attractive people which will call more fans for that man or guy. A lot of men spend so much on such ladies but never intend settling down with them because of the type of things they wear. Wearing such things can make people have bad perception for you because it�s normally seen in our societies that it�s only �prostitute� who wear things to expose their body to the extreme. It will be very good if our beautiful ladies wear dresses which will at least cover their knee or even above the knee to save the bad name people give women or ladies.