Ghana Gradually Turning Into A Banana Republic! - Otukonor

Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mr. Peter Boamah Otukonor, has stated that the murder of the 90-year-old alleged witch and other acts of violence is gradually turning the country into a banana republic.

Condemning the incident, he recounted how similar forms of violence have claimed innocent lives and alluded to the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama.

Speaking on Okay Fm’s Ade Akye Abia program, he charged government and the relevant state security agencies to nib these incidents in the bud.

"In a country where people can take the law into their hands and misbehave in this manner, then the country is gradually turning into a banana republic.

"The government must begin to act, security agencies must not sit unconcerned. They should be swift in their investigations as they would have been should it have been one of their own.

"The government should also begin to ensure the safety, welfare, and general wellbeing of its citizens. People must not out of ignorance of the law be made to take the law into their hands and maltreat others. This is a huge security breach that endangers the safety of Ghanaians," Otukunor stated.

President Akufo-Addo, over the weekend, expressed revulsion at the killing of the 90-year-old woman, saying "it should not happen again".

Madam Akua Denteh, was on last Thursday, beaten to death at Kafaba, a farming community in the Salaga South Constituency by some local residents who accused her of being a witch and the source of certain strange happenings in the area including the slow pace of the town's development.

The incident was captured on video and had since gone viral on social media.

The Inspector-General Police has already dispatched a team of crack homicide personnel to the area to get to the bottom of the incident.

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