Retraction And Apology. . . .

. . . .To Natalie Fort

In July 2019, we ( published a news item on our website under the heading 'Natalie Fort pregnant for 4 married men', wherein it was alleged that Ms. Fort was dating four married men including a high ranking politician, and was pregnant in circumstances in which she could not tell who impregnated her.

The news story which further alleged the family of Natalie Fort was seeking financial favors from one of the married men was sourced from

We have, however, subsequently ascertained and now recognize that there was no basis to the said report.

The Management of Peacefmonline do hereby unconditionally retract the republication made against Ms. Natalie Fort for failing to verify the authenticity of the said claims. As a result, the story has since been pulled down.

We further solemnly and unreservedly apologise for any harm, damage or loss suffered in consequence thereof to the person of Ms. Natalie Fort, including any disaffection made towards her.


Chief Editor