Chelsea Tayui Crowned Miss Universe-Ghana 2020

Organisers of the Miss Universe-Ghana pageant have unveiled Chelsea Tayui as the Miss Universe-Ghana 2020 queen at a virtual show last Saturday, September 26.

The 25-year-old was appointed, instead of being selected and crowned at a regular open mass scouting session, as has been the procedure over the years, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the National Director of Miss Universe-Ghana, Mrs Menaye Donkor Muntari, a unanimous decision between MALZ Promotions, organisers of the pageant in Ghana and Miss Universe International, a decision was taken to privately appoint a representative this year.

Mrs. Muntari said it has been three years since MALZ Promotions took over the Miss Universe-Ghana Franchise and on Saturday, Ghana celebrated the third crowning under her directorship.

She said last year, the Miss Universe-Ghana Organization decided to suspend production for a year to allow it time to restructure and make significant adjustments necessary to enhance the pageant.

The National Director described the newly crowned queen as a young lady who is not only beautiful but one with a heart of gold, pointing out that, “in the next year, she will be our ambassador to the world, promoting Ghana”.

The queen, together with the Miss Universe-Ghana Organisation, has raised funds to purchase a van to support an Autism Foundation in the country. She will also receive a brand new car for her personal use and other attractive prizes.

After receiving the mantle as Miss Universe-Ghana 2020, Chelsea Tayui expressed appreciation for the honour and opportunity to serve mankind, and pledged her commitment to the task of helping to bring relief to the disadvantaged in society.

“I am a highly driven individual with a commitment to excellence. I am informed by my faith in God and my commitment to family, and I am prepared to keep on serving,” she said.

Chelsea holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from DePaul University in Chicago, USA.

As a well-travelled individual with visits to over 12 countries, she said she recognises the importance of respecting everyone’s culture and learning from it.