The "Big Push" Will Invest $10Billion In Our Nations Infrastructure Over 5 Years - Mahama

The flagbearer of the largest opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has explained that his “big push” in the Peoples' Manifesto will invest over $10billion in the nation’s infrastructure over 5 years and also it will transform the economy and create jobs for the youth in the country.

He explained that, there are a lot of communities in the country that are still waiting for access to clean drinking water, modern health care facilities, schools to be able to accommodate school children and electricity for people to establish businesses, and to be able to achieve this, the NDC realize that, there should be a five year investment plan called “the big push” to be able to solve infrastructural problems in the country.

He further explained that, “the big push” will go a long way to help give jobs to local companies who will be contracted to work on all the infrastructural and developmental projects needed in the country.