'We Are Ghana' - Orca Deco Celebrates The Tides That Bind Togetherness

Ghana’s leading furniture and décor company, Orca Deco, is celebrating the tides that bind it and the people of Ghana together in the release of a sixty-second television commercial.

The commercial released last Thursday on major television networks in Ghana outlines the values of Ghana and the resilience of its people especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commercial is expected to reach 15 million television and social media audiences from now until the end of the year.
It would be recalled that when the Government of Ghana announced a partial lockdown of Accra and Kumasi on March 30, 2020, Orca Deco Ghana, recognising Ghana as one of its key operational centres in Africa, partnered with The First Lady of Ghana, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, to initiate the #ReliefBoxesChallenge to support the underprivileged in these two cities.

Orca Deco was the first to donate 7,000 relief boxes worth GH¢400,000.00 to The First Lady’s ‘The Rebecca Foundation’ and spearheaded a campaign that called on other retailers to donate what they could to help those in need at the time. This call by Orca saw an astounding response from other retailers and corporate Ghana.

No other retailer had done this before on the same or even similar scale in Ghana.

Orca’s brand epitomises family and the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic taught the world that life begins and ends at home with the people who make our hearts beat.

Ghanaians despite the number of global and local infections and deaths, built even bigger hopes and pushed through a struggling economy, job losses, sinking household income among others to reach the pinnacle of hope.

Ordinary Ghanaians became heroes and heroines as they shared food with their neighbours, medical practitioners put their lives on the line for their patients; shop keepers, dispatch riders, and essential service providers wholeheartedly stepped out the scary times to make sure people got what they needed. Teachers ignored every obstacle and taught their students from remote places keeping their dreams alive.
What better way for Orca to tell the story of this partnership than to release a television commercial that chronicles the feats Orca as a company and Ghana as a country attained during that time in history.

In an interview with a section of the media, a Managing Partner at Orca Deco, Rayan Sharara said that “Orca continuously strive to lead with creativity and innovation and that the values we share are synonymous with those of Ghana and her people. With this story, we hope to leave Ghanaians and other nationals feeling proud of this country, its people and to know that Orca Deco is Ghana.”

He added that “2020 has been a tough year for many and Orca would like to share hope and love with Ghana this festive season and to remind people of what matters most during the festive season. We as Orca and as Ghana have come out stronger and more united than ever before and are proud to call ourselves Ghana! Orca, Y3Y3 AmaGhana.”