Will The iGaming Boom In The UK Reach Ghana This Year?

iGaming is another term for online gaming. But the word is usually reserved for activity at online casinos and bookmakers where players bet on events, occasions and outcomes to try and win more money.

Most people agree that it becomes iGaming when these activities are carried out on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones by using mobile sites and phone applications.

What Is the UK iGaming Boom?

The UK has experienced a fantastic boom in this sector with plenty of people choosing to play iGaming from mobile-friendly sites and apps. Some of the best online casinos in the UK offer welcome bonuses and promotions to entice people to download apps and try out their games.

One of the successes of the UK’s gambling industry is down to fair regulations and a wave of casinos now marketing specifically to female players. But that’s not all, this pastime is now more accessible than ever thanks to more casino sites and new smooth apps.

Mobile applications are a way of making iGaming more accessible throughout the day, and it also makes gambling more confidential. All of these things and more are the reason why the UK’s gambling industry is worth the equivalent of GH¢ 33 billion.

Can Ghana Recreate the UK Boom?

With Africa fast-becoming a new market for gambling to grow into, this African country has a substantial advantage to copy the thriving iGaming industries of other countries such as the UK. Like the UK, Ghana takes a liberal attitude to gambling, and it is entirely legal. The same cannot be said about many other African – and European - nations.

Legalisation and attitudes are some of the biggest hurdles when trying to create a successful industry, but Ghana already has both of these requirements checked. And this is what will speed up the process of making the activity popular in the country.

Challenges to a Ghanaian iGaming Industry

But not everything is blowing downwind for the country and a potential iGaming boom. The major issue compared to the UK is a lack of superfast internet. The best casino apps require fast internet to make their games work smoothly and maintain engagement. But in Ghana, we don’t have the same superfast internet as UK residents do. Only around 33% of our population use the internet daily.

The slightly better news is that more residents are accessing and using the internet each year. In fact, the growth rate is predicted to be around 20%. As demand increases, so should the quality of internet that is provided.

So, Will the iGaming Boom Reach Ghana in 2020?

Although iGaming could become better and more popular in 2020 through faster internet speeds, it is unlikely that it will be this year that a local boom will occur.

If improved internet services can come around, there could be a good chance of a more profitable tax-paying industry just around the corner.