My Story Of Fortitude And Gratitude!!

This is my story, I hope it inspires you. By the incidence of my birth, I spent my childhood days with my other cousins at my grandparents’ place in Odumase Krobo. I was the talkative type, I'm not anymore though, Lol. My grandfather of blessed memory Mr. Elias Teye, named me after the famous Lawyer, Lawyer George. They called me 'Lawyer Georgie'. As, I am very bubbly and so full of life and ready to assist and defend others, he felt being a lawyer will be advantageous for me. Growing up I kept the faith and continued my education in hope of becoming a lawyer and legalizing what I unofficially do: defend people.

A year after my National Service in 2011, I made the bold decision to pursue a law degree, as I was working with a very generous man, who later took me in as his own. Life was good and I was earning well, so he promised to support me when need be. I picked up a form and started the qualifying processes for the Post First Degree Law, LLB at the University of Ghana, Faculty of Law. After being shortlisted for an examination, I then informed my mom about it. She was surprised I didn't inform her about the whole idea to go back to school. I didn't want her worrying about my fees and expenses, so I assured her it was all sorted out. Fast forward a few months later, I got admission and started law school. The first year was great, I was doing well, and funding wasn't a challenge. By the second year, my support was dwindling, and I had to start falling back on my parents.

The law school was originally supposed to be for 4 years so by implication, my sponsorship plus my parents’ support should have been able to sustain me. We managed through and by 2014, I got admission to Ghana School of Law for further studies, which was supposed to be the old system of two semester for two years. The professional law course, was not initially challenging till after the first semester results were released and I had failed two papers, meaning I had to rewrite all 6 papers.

Soon after this, the New Professional Law Course was introduced so I had to start the entire New Professional Law Course. My zeal and enthusiasm was weaning out as, I was not making the needed progress I should. My sponsor was upset and coupled with other issues I had to move out of Trassacco to My Aunt's place at Adjiringanor to focus on my studies.

During the 2015/2016 academic I contested for one of the SRC Executive Positions and I was voted in as Vice President, Accra Main Campus. I had earlier on contested for the position of Treasurer and lost. The Executive position had its glory and challenges as I was still hopeful of becoming a Lawyer. At the end of year, results were released, and I still could not make the pass list and had to repeat the academic year and join the 2016/2017 Academic year.

By this time, your guess is a good as mine, I was exhausted mentally and financially, and I had to resort to external aids and family support. Many nights I will cry in deep pain and hope for a better and speedy academic progress. I moved from Adjiringanor to Madina, and later Hàatso Ecomog, in my quest to have freedom to focus on completing my professional law programme.

I made some good friends who were cheering me on and supportive. One of them was a man I met and fell in love with, who became my cheer leader and kept encouraging and added support to assist my family; because with the continued repeating of the course meant I had run out of resources and maintenance. I started a fashion business, Sika Vogue sometime in 2016, which came in handy as well. I used that to keep my mind from overly worrying about school and petty maintenance.
As someone, who has always been passionate about women empowerment, I joined the NPP Loyal Ladies to be part of the women's group. It kept me sane for while because I was excited about the area I was entering and my energy was restored again and soon, I realized that I wanted more. I knew what I wanted to be and that was still pending. My happiness faded away quickly after the results were released for the 2016/2017 Academic year and I still couldn't make it. I was broken and devastated.

I registered for the 2017/2018 Academic year and sought for external help. However, it equally didn’t help. I guess I was too frustrated, so I repeated the programme again. For the 2018/2019 academic year, I contacted friends for help, of whom Maureen and Nana Ama were instrumental to helping me join a private Class which was organised by Emmanuel Broni-Bediako, who we affectionately call BB. I was more poised for success then ever. But my energy was so low, I was exhausted, disappointed and anxious.

A long-treated ulcer showed its ugly face, and I felt cursed. Like a forever failing law student and unhappy, I became so broken and depressed. I longed to complete the law program as I had put in too much effort., People got tired of me and started advising me to take alternative options. The voices in my head were overwhelming. I knew what I wanted but people talked about me and treated me like a failure and all manner of things were said about me. I felt weak to the challenges and had so many melt downs and got depressed. I was introduced to about two pastors, but I was so disappointed in any of their prophesies, I decided to pray for myself.

I usually go to the Adoration Chapel to pray, St. Thomas Aquinas, Legon Campus. I stopped going to the main Mass to avoid meeting people with questions I couldn't answer. I felt at peace, I resolved to go by my own pace. By this time, I left many WhatsApp platforms as I just wanted my peace of mind to keep going whilst I looked forward to passing the Bar exams. I started regaining energy and would attend events I felt I could manage and still maintain my peace of mind. I avoided the unfair criticism, unnecessary validations whilst I waited for the law school results. All I wanted was to pass the Bar and move on to the next level.

I have many plans and activities I look forward to, most importantly impacting lives. I always remind myself of my childhood and my Journey, and continuously guided myself not to fall for everything, because not everything was meant for me. In this life our journeys are unique, we are called into a long journey of many set backs and successes, so I don’t compare myself with the gifts or losses of others. I do take inspiration from others, but I don’t question my own. I’m always happy for others and know that, not everything that worked for others will work for me. So, guided by this, I was conscious of the things I engaged in, to avoid complicating my life further. The naysayers were in my path, and the pull-down people frustrated me, my business was tempered with and I had many challenges, so I toughened up and started building it up again.

I started extending my support to anyone who is positive and needed my help, to push talents, to be there for others and support others with encouragement to reach their goals. When I started Sika Vogue Foundation, my energy started to restore and I’m glad to have made this much progress in my quest for career development and growth. I started looking forward positively and in high hope of a new dawn. Finally, the pass list came out and I made it with an initial two supplementary exams to write, of which I passed one after remarking. So prepared and wrote the outstanding one whilst undertaking the Compulsory internship programme.

After some challenging but good experiences during and after my internship programme which saw the tremendous help of Mr. Isaac Quaye, one of my huge support systems, Anny Asabutey and some good friends, finally the List came out and I was due for the Call to the Bar on 4th October 2019. It has been such a long journey, wow, 5 years on a 2 two-year Programme. I can only be grateful and thankful for my Journey.

I can't wait to celebrate Mr. Quaye and Nana Ama at their own call. It's been a very humbling journey and I know, the Lord who brought me this far, will continually improve upon my quality and make me one of the few good women. I have come this far just by Grace. I pray that His Grace and Mercies be sufficient for you also. My story is one of perseverance, fortitude and gratitude, and I share this with you to show you how God came through for me. No matter your difficulties, never ever give up. It may delay but you shall never be denied.

-Martina Narh-Bio Esq. To the Glory of God!!