Living Bitters Is Safe - FDA Assures Public

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has confirmed that Living Bitters capsules, a herbal medicinal product from Capital 02 Limited is safe and good for human consumption.

This follows a social media video purporting that the medicine has been adulterated with some non-edible and potentially harmful substances.

In a statement signed by the Chief Executive Director, Mrs. Delese A. A Darko, they indicated that the Market Surveillance Team of the authority carried out investigations to ascertain the veracity of the claims in the video that had gone viral on social media, but found nothing wrong with the bitters.

"The team sampled two different batches (batch number 251120 and 261120) of the product from the open market, and two other batches (batch number 201120 and 150221) produced last year and this year during the investigation," the statement said.

“The FDA, therefore, wants to assure the public that the product is safe for consumption and has not been adulterated”.

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