Sinking Constituency- Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira

The need to ensure equitable distribution of resources, coupled with bringing governance to the people featured prominently in the expansion and creation of constituencies. It's imperially evident from the invariable development associated with the creation of constituencies that the whole process of creating and expanding constituencies has been a success.

The myriad of process associated with the creation of constituencies is different when it comes to the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District. Things have deteriorated from bad to worse, and this could be attributed to leadership error. The ruling New Patriots Party, representing the central government now sits on thongs. My investigation revealed an escalating disintegration courtesy of the constituency chairman and the MP Hon. Bright Wireko-Brobby.

Our instigation revealed that the MP has had problem with all the two DCEs he has worked with. The MP succeeded removing his first DCE in 2019 and he is currently working seriously to remove the current DCE who helped him win 2016 and 2020 elections. Almost all the indefatigable polling station executives and constituency executives who campaigned to see both the parliamentary and presidential victories in the just ended 2020 December elections are now victims of intimidation, suspension, witch hunt, threats and absolute sidelining because they are against MP’s decision to replace the current DCE, Hon. Kennedy Sarpong, with the current constituency Chairman- Mr. T. T. Tweneboah. My search also revealed that the member of parliament, Hon. Lawyer Bright wireko Brobby , is conniving with the constituency chairman of the new patriotic party , Mr. T. T. Tweneboah to have the DCE, lose his second term , a move which most party faithfuls have vehemently opposed.

What is the future of the constituency now? ." Cocodus meet cocodus at the family of cocodu", mean 'birds of same feathers fly together. The escalating and emanating danger is that the Member of Parliament for the constituency has aligned himself with the chairman to see a successful fruition of their diabolic act. Mr. T.T Tweneboah is using his position as chairman to suspend any polling station officer who will talk to constituency officers who are opposing his decision to become the next DCE. Polling station Chairman at Gyankobo community is a victim and has been suspended by the constituency Chairman.

My search had it that series of demonstrations have been orchestrated by party faithfuls in attempt to register their displeasure, in the coming days.

When my team tried to ascertain from aggrieved members what could avert the woes of the Party and the constituency, the watch word was PEACE