TV Personality Abena Kyei Boakye And Eno Boakyewaa Foundation Make Donations To Two Schools

Award-Winning Ghanaian Screen Diva Abena Kyei Boakye has blessed the lives of many deprived school children at Dome M/A primary School with the necessary stationery required for adequate teaching and learning, Hand Sanitizers, and Sanitary Pads for the Young Ladies.

The donation was part of a Quality Education Project that the TV Presenter foundation has been engaged in to support school children in remote communities and deprived locations across the country.

The Eno Boakyewaa Foundation has been in existence for six years with the singular aim of supporting the lives of disadvantaged and destitute children in Ghana.

Focus areas of the Eno Boakyewaa Foundation include health, education, and total well-being of deprived Ghanaian children.

The items donated included: Nose mask - 1,50pcs, 280 Sanitary Pads, 150 Bottles of Hand Sanitizers, 250 pieces of Exercise Books.

According to the founder and leader of the Eno Boakyewaa Foundation, the entire team was overly excited about the donation and grateful to all and sundry who supported financially. She said:

"This s is to empower them not to accept little gifts from people who will want to lure them to bed just because of sanitary pad. And also advise them to take their studies seriously, that is the only way they can achieve their goals
Giving sanitary pads to as many schools as I can has been a project on my heart and I have a personal story to it which I do not want to share. So my foundation, which is Eno BOAKYEWAA foundation is fronting this project.

Last month we donated to kwabenya cluster of schools. And today I went to Dome M/A primary.

To be able to sustain the projects, she is calling on cooperate Ghana and able philanthropists to support the team either in cash or kind as without their help, the progress of the needy they intend to help will be greatly hindered.

Photos taken on the day of the donation prove that the gesture was truly appreciated as both the school's authorities and the school children could not hide their profound joy.