Katherine Estrella Shares Tips on How to Work with Brands and Make Money

Social media has slid its way into every industry, including modeling. It has, with time, become a very competitive industry with almost everyone wanting to be associated with it, especially with so many social media models building their platforms.

For Katherine Estrella, one of a well-known lot of top models, modeling is something she has and will always love and enjoy. Her vigor and passion make her stand out and have seen her grow to earn herself a spot in the industry.

From coming to the USA with nothing, Estrella has put in a lot of work to get to where she is. At 17 years, Estrella moved out of her father's house and started her career as a popular dancer in one of the clubs in New York City. She has so far featured in various music videos such as French Montana's 'White Dress.' Estrella has over 2.5 million Instagram followers and has modeled for different photographers.

According to Estrella, if you do something you are passionate about, as much as it will help put food on the table, it should be something you are excited to do. Her experience working with different leading brands has been exemplary as they have helped her grow as a brand while enabling her to showcase her skills and grow their businesses.

Having a platform to showcase your skills and talent goes a long way in putting your name out there. For Estrella, her Instagram account has helped grow her brand and put her name in the limelight. How you relate with your clients will determine whether they will reconsider you in the future. Estrella impresses her clients by doing what she does best - putting in a lot of hard work.

Being a social and outgoing person has helped build long-lasting relationships with brands and grow her client base. Her unique fashion sense helps her gain more popularity among the youth. Estrella has an OnlyFans account where she interacts with fans one on one and prioritizes pleasing and showing her love to her fans.

Growth for an online business requires partnerships along the way, and finding the right people and brands to collaborate with can help you go a long way toward your dreams.

Estrella's experience working with leading brands has led her to believe that how you conduct yourself in front of your clients determines your growth. How good you are at what you do will play a part in your success and help attain your goals.