Best Gift Card Trading App In Ghana

Do you want to trade your gift cards for cash here in Ghana? Say no more. You can now trade your gift cards seamlessly on the Giftcardstonaira app and get your money immediately.

Giftcardstonaira is the best gift card trading app in Ghana today. You can quickly download the app from Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store now and start trading your gift cards for cash.

Why Giftcardstonaira?

You might be asking the question "Why should i trade my gift cards with Giftcardstonaira instead of other trading apps?". Below are some reasons why Giftcardstonaira is the best gift card trading app in Ghana

1).Safe/Secure: Giftcardstonaira is the most secure gift card trading app in Ghana today. Since the platform was created in 2017, security has been one of the top priorities of the admins. Be rest assured that your money is safe while trading on the app.

2). High Rates: No other gift card trading app in Ghana comes close to Giftcardstonaira in terms of Gift card Rates. Giftcardstonaira has the highest gift card rates in Ghana. You can sell your $100 steam gift card on Giftcardstonaira for about 113 Ghanaian Cedi.

3). Fast Payout: You don’t have to wait the whole day to get paid whenever you want to trade your gift card for cash. Giftcardstonaira pays within 5 minutes of submitting your gift card on the app. Be rest assured that you will receive your money ASAP. Once your gift card has been confirmed, you will get your money in your wallet instantly which you can withdraw into your bank account any time you wish.

4). Ease of use: The Giftcardstonaira app is very easy to use. From the login page to the Gift card trading page. You can easily download the app and start trading without having to go through any online tutorial.

5). Check current Gift Card Rate: You can check the current rate of any gift card on the Giftcardstonaira app. The rates are always updated so you will be sure that any rate you see is the rate at which you can trade your Gift Card.

How To Trade on Giftcardstonaira

§  Register and Login

§  Navigate to “wallet” and click on “add new account“ to Add your bank details

§  Go to “Dashboard” and click on “Sell Giftcard” to Submit your card

§  Wait for 2 minutes or less for card to be confirmed.

§  Check your wallet for your cash.

§  Withdraw to your bank account

When you open the giftcardstonaira app, Register first if you haven’t but if you have, click on login to start using the app immediately. Quickly click on the wallet button and add your bank details. Click on add new account to add your bank details.

To start selling your gift card, click on dashboard at the bottom of the screen. On the dashboard, you will see a button named “Sell Giftcard” and select the type of Gift card you would like to sell from the various options made available for you on the app. Select gift card, enter the amount and upload the gift card image. When you are through, click on submit trade and wait for 2 – 5 minutes for the card to be confirmed. After about 2 minutes, click on wallet and withdraw your money into your bank account.

Gift Cards You can sell in Ghana on Giftcardstonaira

Below is a list of gift cards and many more you can sell on the Giftcardtonaira app and get paid immediately in Cedi’s

§  Steam Gift Card

§  Amazon Gift card

§  Razor Gold Gift Card

§  eBay Gift Card

§  iTunes Gift Card

§  Google Gift Card

§  Visa Gift Card

§  Sephora Gift Card

§  Nordstrom Gift Card

§  Nike Gift Card

§  Walmart Gift Card

§  Offgamers Gift Card

§  Nike Gift Card

§  BestBuy Gift Card

§  Home Depot Gift Card

§  Apple Store Gift Card

§  Macy Gift Card

§  Vanilla Gift Card

§  Target Gift Card

How to Download Giftcardstonaira

You can easily download Giftcardstonaira either from google play store or from the Apple App store

Download Giftcardstonaira from Google Play Store

Download Giftcardstonaira from Apple App Store

For support, call/Whatsapp +234 70 5837 2518