Alex Richard Explains Why Every Successful Person Has a Set Routine They Abide by

It’s not always easy to follow a set routine. However, the only thing that can be more daunting than following a routine is setting one up. The benefits of having a well-planned schedule are echoed by almost every successful person. And according to young-gun entrepreneur Alex Richard, it’s the best road to take towards success. Here is what he means.

For Alex Richard, creating a set routine gives the day a rhythm at which you can perform both as a trained expert or a curious learner. He says, “When I set a routine, I familiarize myself with the day that’s to come. I have some idea about how I expect it to go, and when it does, it leaves me feeling content.”

Another good reason to create a routine for yourself is to feel a sense of control over how your day goes. Alex says, “Once you start working, I mean really working, you’ll invariably feel that even 24 hours are not enough for you to pursue the task you have set ahead for yourself. Having a routine, however, puts you in the driver’s position as far as the day goes. You have some sense of how you want your day to be, and therefore, some control over how it will actually turn out. With time and discipline, this control becomes automatic, and as I said earlier, it reinforces your day with the pace you are most comfortable with.”

There are a million things that need to be done in a day. It’s not always easy to feel efficient and well-organized. Alex suggests breaking down chores into small bites by “setting up a routine that isn’t overambitious or a little too lax for any real growth. You know your life the best, and just that can ensure how you set your routine. Always start small. Then try and build things up by adding more chores organically, and you’ll succeed without even realizing.”

People may procrastinate from setting up a routine because it makes them think their life will become dull and overly predictable. However, for Alex, that’s just an excuse to shirk one’s dream away. He says, “Having a routine doesn’t mean your life has to be boring. Some of the most interesting people I know have the most intense routines and schedules. In fact, it’s what helps them have fun without going overboard.”

It’s time to wrap up all excuses and gift yourself the power of a routine.