1st & 2nd Ladies’ Salary: Backdating Was Not Necessary - Dr. Okoe Boye

A recommendation that the spouse of the President and Vice President should be put on a monthly salary like Article 71 officeholders has sparked criticisms in the country.

What caused more stir is the fact that the salary will be backdated to 2017.

The committee had recommended that the First Lady be paid a salary equivalent to 80% as a cabinet minister who is also a member of Parliament.

Former Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Okoe Boye reacting to this believes backdating the payment is 'unnecessary'.

" . . this thing might be good but if care is not taken it can generate hatred . . . I don't think it was too necessary to say the payment should be backdated four years. The accumulated amount will generate fury . . . " he said in a panel discussion on Peace FM's morning show 'Kokrokoo'.

Listen to him in the video below