The State of the Casino Industry in Ghana

Gambling in certain countries and jurisdictions is restricted or even outlawed. This makes it difficult or even impossible for online casinos to operate in these places and often leads to increased illegal gambling. Many of these places are experiencing changes in their rules for either better or worse depending on which side of the fence you sit on.

The following article will explore the growth of online casinos in Ghana, detailing the state of gambling in the country and the changing landscape. As well as this, the article will go into detail about gambling legislation, the different types of gambling, and where you can access online casino games in Ghana.

Overview of Ghana

Ghana is an African nation located in Western Africa near the Ivory Coast, Togo, and Burkina Faso. The country has a population of approximately 27 million people and the official language is English although many other dialects are spoken. Ghana has a reputation for being a welcoming country that encourages tourism although it is not particularly commercialised.

Gambling in Ghana

There are several different types of gambling activities that are popular in Ghana.

These include:

Lotteries - Ghana has a state-run national lottery that takes place every week. As well as this, people can buy tickets for international lotteries online.

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos - There are a total of four land-based casinos in Ghana, two of which are based in Accra. Each of these is open to Ghanaian residents and tourists.

Sports Betting - Another popular type of gambling in Ghana that is available to partake in both in-person and on the internet. Bets can also be taken over the phone.

Online Gambling - This encompasses online casinos, online poker, online bingo, and online sportsbooks, all of which are very popular in Ghana.

Gambling Regulations in Ghana

Gambling in Ghana is legal and regulated by an authoritative gambling body known as the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC). This organization is entirely responsible for gambling in the country and oversees all regulated activity excluding the national lottery. This is instead run by the National Lottery Authority (NLA).