Why Women Should Never Pee In The Shower

WOMEN do many things in the shower, whether it's shaving our legs or washing our hair, or yes even peeing.

But one expert has now revealed why you shouldn't pee in the shower, and it's not just because it's a bad habit.Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas said that little habits can have "huge consequences" down the line.

Posting to TikTok she said there are a number of traits women have that can be harmful to their pelvic health.

She listed them as "bad habits for your pelvic floor" and explained why peeing in the shower could see you running to the loo more often.

Dr Alicia said that the bladder relies on signals it gets from both the stretch of the bladder and the bladder walls as it fills, as well as signals from the brain to let it know when to hold the pee in.