Father - Figure Leadership Giving Way To Servant - Leadership >> Isaac Bonsu (Ib) Npp Ashanti Regional Youth Organizer Hopeful

Leadership is a calling like Priesthood, the concept and understanding of leadership is changing rapidly which anybody in leadership position should not lose sight of.TheFather-Figure type of leadership, is fast giving way to Servant leadership.

Servant leadership seeks to aspire to provide accountable leadership to the people. The understanding is that, relevant knowledge for moving the society and organisations forward doesn't reside with the leader alone. Infact, some of the people may even have more knowledge and relevant experiencial skills than what the leader possess. Making it more imperative as leaders to have a listening ear and make room to accommodate divergent views, also to treat the people with humility.

The leader may also have access to certain societal resources meant for providing certain services to solve societal problems and challenges. A Servant leader therefore always, and from time to time, make himself/herself available to the people who gave him the mandate to lead, for questioning, and to seek information on how the power society entrusted to his/her care have been used.

This is Accountable Leadership. No elected leader has the leisure and uncontrolled liberty to decide not to appear before the masses or electorates to provide answers to questions bordering them. The leader can't lord it over the people, and be picky as to when and what information he/she wishes to give to the people.

This is the basis why I believe vying to occupy any leadership position is an application for service. As indicated earlier above, the modern day leadership style, is Selfless, Servant leadership. With the ever mounting challenges and problems of society, such as unemployment, inadequate health facilities, low salaries and incomes, waste and sanitation headaches etc, from the broader perspective, no elected leader can decide to choose and pick when and how he/she would exhibit open responsibility to the people who elected them.

That era of Father-Servant leadership, is long gone. Any person who aspires to be a leader in the modern sense, who isn't sufficiently exposed to these views, and inadequately oriented to the new responsibilities and roles of modern leadership styles, isn't fit for and properly cut for the leadership mantle. Such a person must not be admitted into the mansion of leaders.

When a constituent or group of constituents have some concerns about any section of Societal developments, the leader MUST of necessity, make himself/herself available to the people, to adequately address their concerns.