The Anti-Aging Clinic Reforming Health Care Delivery In Ghana; Meet American Rejuvenation Clinic

As the concern for proper healthcare delivery continues to be of major interest for many individuals, people around the world both young and old are on a constant lookout for health care providers championing quality and enhanced health care to entrust their lives to and forsooth, the American Rejuvenation Clinic has not failed to live up to expectations.

Founded in February 2021 by a team of American and Ghanaian professionals, the team is led by Tyrone Jamar, a health coach and CEO of the American Rejuvenation Clinic.

The specialized clinic seeks to offer preventative medicine, anti-aging, and hormonal replacement therapy, and diagnosis for men and women who seek to have improved health care to live more happy and healthy lives.

With highly qualified healthcare professionals, the American Rejuvenation Clinic again offers treatment for Increased Body Fat, Enlarged Abdomen, Decreased Bone Mass, Erectile Dysfunction, Male Breast Tissue, as well as, Decreased Muscle Mass, Reduced Sperm Count, Low Sex Drive, Low Energy, amongst others.