NPP Northern Regional and Savelugu Constituency Executives Erred In Suspending Abdul-Karim Zakaria, Issahaku Fuseini & Deishini Abdullah Mustapha

There have been letters of suspension of some polling station executives bandying around on social media, purported to have been issued by the Savelugu Constituency executives in consultation with the Northern Regional executives.

This is inappropriate and does not in any way kowtow to the principles stated in the constitution of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The basis of the suspension is indeed very unconstitutional.


The Savelugu constituency executives, in consultation with the Northern Regional executives of NPP issued letters of suspension to some polling station executives, namely; Mr Abdul Karim Zakaria, Mr Issahaku Fuseini and Mr Deishini Abdallah Mustapha on 26th August 2021.

It was stated in the letter that the committee based on Article  4.7. (g) of the NPP Constitution to arrive at their decision.

Article 4.7 of the NPP Constitution under the Misconduct section speaks about behaviours that would cause a disciplinary action to be taken against a party member and sub-section (g) states that “bringing the name of the party into disrepute or public ridicule" is misconduct that demands an action to be taken by the appropriate disciplinary body. 

Debasing every Argument in the Suspension Letters

Pursuant to Article 4.8 of the NPP constitution, this action by the Regional and Constituency Executive Committees tantamounts to the grievance.

Sub-section two (2) of Article 4.8 of the Disciplinary and grievance procedures for the NPP Constitution states that "A grievance may involve an allegation of unfair or unjust treatment by the party against a member".

Regarding Article 4.5. (2) of the NPP constitution which states that "Proceedings of the Disciplinary Committee shall be held in camera and shall be conducted in accordance with Rules of Natural Justice", the action of the Regional and Savelugu Constituency executives is unconstitutional.

In furtherance, Natural Justice as stated by the constitution is technical terminology for the rule against bias and the right to a fair hearing. It states that the right to a fair hearing requires that individuals should not be penalized by decisions affecting their rights or legitimate expectations unless they have been given prior notice of the case, a fair opportunity to answer it and the opportunity to present their own case. 

None of the proceedings of natural justice was adhered to by the disciplinary body because none of those suspended was given a fair hearing. This means the suspension is without merit and those who took that action should be sanctioned for trudging on a path that dents the integrity of the party.

The Need to Sanction the Savelugu Constituency and Northern Regional Executives

Pursuant to Article 18 of the NPP constitution which states clearly the procedural measures put in place towards parliamentary and presidential primaries, the General Secretary of the party, Mr John Boadu on 27th July 2021, brought forth the Code of Conduct that every member needs to adhere to towards the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary primaries.

The new Code of Conduct urges all party members to refrain from activities that project the interest of a prospective candidate.

The suspended polling station executives; Mr Abdul-Karim Zakaria, Mr Issahaku Fuseini and Mr Deishini Abdallah Mustapha did not allow themselves to be dissuaded into taking action; an endorsement of Dr Bawumia, among others, that contravenes the new code of conduct and on this fore have been suspended.
In accordance with the aforementioned Article, the proceedings of the committee are unconstitutional since they did not do due diligence to the constitutional procedures that would cause a member to be suspended.
This goes ahead to underscore the fact that the regional and Savelugu constituency executives breached the NPP Constitution with their actions; projection of a presidential candidate, imposition of a presidential candidate on delegates and the unconstitutional suspension of some polling station executives of the Savelugu Constituency

The National Council of the NPP, therefore, should as a matter of urgency, conduct investigations into this case and apply the necessary sanctions on the Northern Regional and Savelugu Constituency executives who want to muzzle the youth against the Constitution of the Party, in order to bring finality to this issue, and in furtherance, not turn the Party into the Banana Republic. 


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