Nigeria License Lottery Operators Pays Courtesy Call On NLA Boss

Nigeria License Lottery Operators (NLLO), on Thursday, 2nd September, 2021, paid a courtesy call on the Ghana National Lottery Authority at the Fortune House, Accra.

According to the leader of the delegation, Chima Onwuka, the visit was to forge a cordial and working relationship with the NLA.

“…we have been working for a long time and your draws have been one of the backbone of the lottery industry in Nigeria for a very long time”, he said.

Chairman Chima Onwuka added; “Your drawing numbers have been very reliable, the integrity has been good but right now we want to rekindle the relationship that has existed between lotto operators in Nigeria and the NLA in Ghana.”

He hopes that their engagement with the NLA will boost their operations back in Nigeria.

The Nigerian delegation was received by the Director-General of NLA, Sammi Awuku and, in his welcome address, stated that  “it has been an interesting journey between Ghana and our Nigerian counterpart over the years. Nigeria has had the benefit of using our draw numbers. Ghana’s draw lottery system has gained integrity and credibility across Nigeria and other Africa countries such as Togo, Benin and Ivory Coast. But, in as much as Nigeria is benefiting from NLA, we hope that this working relationship would also rake in some benefits for us in Ghana as well,” he said.”.

Again we are also looking forward to stronger collaboration from both sides and we believe that we also help the Nigerians build a very strong lottery industry through this partnership while we also develop our own to become world class.”

He also urged the team to factor into their activities the habit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) saying “we believe in championing CSR as an authority to give back to the society by supporting culture, charity, sports development, health and education and I believe that is something laudable we can all inculcate and do them''.

He also emphasized the need for building a good partnership through respect and mutual agreement.