Viasat 1 To Commence News Production

The Chief Executive Officer of Viasat 1, a private Television Company, Mr. Rune Stogen has indicated the company�s preparedness to uphold and improve professional standards that is parallel to the media industry in the country. He acknowledged media practices in the country as one of the best on the continent and noted that Viasat is ready to add up to the feat by improving on the �canons of journalism�� in the country. The CEO of Viasat made these comments when he announced the commencement of news production on Viasat during a courtesy call on the Minister for Information, Hon. John Tia Akologu (MP) in Accra. The news production, according to the CEO would introduce revolutionary changes in the way news is produced, packaged, delivered and consumed while keeping to the common shared principles of objectivity, accuracy, in-depth reporting and public accountability. In his welcome address, the Information Minister expressed appreciation at the way the TV station has conducted its operations since 2009 and added that the new venture should portray the relevance of Ghanaian culture on the world map. The Information Minister however expressed worry about the increasing gap in the output of journalism in the country, adding that most of the news outlets are locked in a desperate commercial fight for readers and viewers at the expense of accuracy and objectivity. Mr. Akologu also bemoaned the television content of some media outlet which seems to highlight cultures alien to the country, citing the increasing obscene materials on the screens of television programmes. The Information Minister said government will soon amend the Film law to ensure that stakeholders in the media industry abide by the rules as a way of ridding the industry of obscenity. The news would be produced by Modern Africa Productions, producers of the Champions League, the One Show and the Laugh A Minute programmes.