Afghan Women All Over The World Start Online Trend Posing In Beautiful Traditional Clothes To Protest Against Taliban's Black Hijab Order

Kabul: Ever since the return of Taliban in Afghanistan, the country has again become an extremely dangerous place for a woman. Indisputably, it is women and young girls specially who are bearing the brunt of regressive and brutal restrictions under the Taliban. Under the new regime, women have been strictly ordered to wear hijab when in public, while those attending private universities are mandated to wear an abaya robe and niqab covering most of the face.Also Read - Viral Video: Football Fans Use American Flag to Save a Falling Cat at US Stadium | Watch

Protesting against the same, several Afghan women have started an online campaign by posting photographs of themselves in traditional Afghan attire. Scores of women are now using the #DoNotTouchMyClothes, #AfghanistanCulture to share photographs of traditional Afghan attire, highlighting the richness of their culture.