Newage Launches Locally Produced Drought Resistant Maize Seed For Any Weather

This year 2021 has seen the weather pattern of the country completely changed causing uncertainties for maize farmers across the country.

While the expected maize major season for southern Ghana did not experience the needed volume and timely rainfall, the maize minor season seem to be the new major season as rains begin in September. However, while some farmers are optimistic of longer rainy days in this season, others are skeptical and are expecting the rains to end on its usual period, in November. This also leads to right variety of maize to be adopted by these farmers in this uncertain weather pattern.

It is against this background that CHAMPION SEEDS, a brand of local hybrid seeds was launched on Friday September 10, 2021 by Newage Agric Solutions Limited - an agribusiness firm with established business models in crop protection products, import and distribution; improved seed procurement and distribution; farming and Outgrower scheme management; expertise service and consultancy; and research and development.

“NA 600 is our first maize variety under the CHAMPION SEED brand. It is Ghana’s own Top Cross hybrid white maize variety which has been treated to help in achieving the maximum vigour and robustness”, Martin T. Nartey, General Manager of Newage Agric Solutions Limited said while launching the new seed at the ceremony at AJ Plaza in Techiman.

In addition, he mentioned that “the seed which is moderately tolerant to drought and ideal for the current second maize season.”

Also speaking at the event, the regional director for the Ministry of Food and Agric (MoFA), Madam Cecilia Kagya Agyemang, Bono East region also added.

“The introduction of Champion seeds means the introduction of a new business to our local seed breeders. Increasing hybrid consumption will ultimately lead to balance the volume of imports, thereby providing a competitive market for our highly illustrious local breeders and revive a rather slow sector that has an immense potential. Newage Agric Solutions Limited have always been known as key promoters of the usage of hybrid seeds by farmers in the country.”

The Champion seed sack comes with high quality seeds in an excellent packaging and in addition, the delivery of top-notch technical service to our farmers. Champion hybrid maize seeds are available on the market now for sale under the governments flagship program i.e Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ).

This comes in response to the call for local companies to do well to increase production of made in Ghana products. Although Newage is a young company, it has shown great potential in its impact on the Ghanaian Agribusiness space, focusing mainly on improving the local industry.