Taadi 'Pregnant' Woman Saga: Police Should've Done a Proper Thorough Check Up At Hospital - Adam Bonaa

A security expert, Adam Bonaa, has condemned a report made public by the police that Josephine Panyin Mensah, the Takoradi woman who allegedly went missing and found, was never pregnant, as her family claimed.
Adam Bonaa in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show said the act by all parties involved is ‘unacceptable’.
“We must all admit that this is unprofessional,” – he told host, Mac Jerry Osei Agyemang.
Adding that, “There is a doctor, patient confidentiality clause and it’s only the court that will force that information out”.

The Medical Doctor involved should be blamed for all this noise.

" . . With that then you can have the Ghana Police Service actually with supporting documents from the hospital and say the court have allowed us to come and put A,B,C out there . . . if the woman is lying it's not a first degree, it is misdemeanor, she will be punished . . . " he said, adding that the woman and her family should have been brought to the Police Hospital for proper thorough check up.

He said all these things should have been done by the police before coming out to address the public.

According to a police statement issued on Thursday, September 23, 2021, a thorough medical examination by doctors at the Axim Government Hospital revealed that the missing woman “was never pregnant during the period under review.”
This has compelled the police to now treat the woman, who was reported missing on September 16, as a “suspect in the case”.
Josephine Panyin Mensah’s family stated that she had lost the baby during the time she was missing after she was discovered in Axim on September 21.
But the police claimed, "She may have conspired with other persons over her possible planned disappearance”.

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