I Tried To Commit Suicide Many Times - Efia Odo Cries

Social media diva cum actress, Efia Odo has opened up on her ordeal in life during an exclusive interview with Halifax Ansah Addo on Peace FM's entertainment show ''Entertainment Review''.

Efia Odo revealed that she didn't have an easy upbringing and that there were many times she tried to commit suicide.

To her, coming to Ghana was her real freedom in life.

Efia Odo lived in the USA for the most part of her life as she went overseas at age 5.

"Many times I tried to commit suicide, so I didn't really have an easy upbringing. The moment I got liberation was when I came to Ghana."

She also  became teary in her account about her relationship with her stepfather saying, "I don't know him. Even I can say I'm closer to my boyfriend's father than my father and . . . sometimes he (her father) could call me five times a day, I don't pick up because it's like what are we gonna talk about. He's like a stranger to me and is not his fault but I just wish that I had that father''. 

"I lived with my mom, my sisters. I can say my mom was a single parent but I had a stepfather but he wasn't a stepfather for me . . . because a father will involve in your life. They care about you. They speak to you but I didn't have that," she further stressed.

Efia Odo gave other shocking revelations about her life.

Watch her full interview below: