Chief Of Staff Must Know: Political Interference In Appointment Of Chief Procurement Manager And Other Five (5) Positions In The Ministry Of Health

In December 2020, the Executive Secretary of CLOGSA, Dr Isaac Bampoe Addo in annual thanksgiving service in Accra made a categorical statement and I quote “political interference in the Civil Service affects institutional memory’.

According to him, political interference affects the decision-making process in the service and local government, administrative procedures such as recruitments, promotions, postings, transfers, and conversion and upgrading as well as disciplinary procedures and sanctions.

Also throwing more light on the principles of neutrality, the Executive Secretary said civil servants must refrain from engaging in appointments or promotion on partisan lines since visible partisanship by civil servants will impact negatively on public perception of neutrality.

So what’s going on at the Public Service Commission now??

On the 16th of July,2020 the Ministry of Health and the Office of the Head of Civil Service placed an advert in the Ghanaian Times inviting suitable qualified Ghanaians to fill vacant management positions in the Ministry. This was done because the Ministry recognises that the preferred recruitment method is through an open and competitive process in accordance with the Public Service Recruitment Regulations and Procedures. Detailed and defined criteria and requirements were stated in the advert.

Further to the above, the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Civil Service Council conducted interviews for the shortlisted applicants for the various positions between 12th and 16th October 2020.

From past experience, when PSC conducts an interview and made recommendations, what is the norm is that the necessary security checks are made on the recommended applicants so barely a maximum of 3 months the results come out to enable the OHCS to issue the necessary appointment letters.

The question then is why has this particular interview taken almost a whole year and the results are still not out? By the 13th and 14th of October 2021, the process would have been one (1) solid year, WHY???

As of March 2021, all inquiries about the interview was met with the argument that the President has not constituted the Civil Service Council. I want to find out from the Chairperson of the PSC, couldn’t the process complete in January 2020 when the past Council had not been dissolved?

Again, even when there was no Council, why didn’t the PSC Chairperson submit the Report to the Chief of Staff at the Office of the president who oversees the work of all government ministries?

What are the ‘unseen hands at the PSC and from the Office of the President blocking the release of the report for personnel benefits? I thought the requirement was for suitably qualified people but not people who don’t have certificates and no professional working experience but are using “political influence through crook means to get a position.

One thing must be clear that ‘for a nation like Ghana to achieve its developmental agenda and goals, areas that need to be enhanced within the civil service includes the recruitment of the requisite calibre of persons and not PEOPLE WHO FAILED INTERVIEW BUT TRIES TO USE MONEY AND POWER TO DISTORT THE PROCESS.

Please be reminded that abuse of power takes place when a person in authority makes the wrong use of the power bestowed on it to commit an unlawful act for personal gains or other reasons.

Usually, people who are misusing their power are aware of the consequences of their wrongdoing and continue their actions if the victim remains silent.

So Hon Chief of Staff, please Madam, can you please use your good office and motherly love and integrity to prove to the whole world that you’re not part of the concerted efforts to place ‘square pegs in round holes and that you do not condone corrupt practices. Please we beg you to order for the true recommendations of the interview to be released without any changes or further delay for all those who attended the interview to have knowledge about the results of the interview. ONE YEAR ?????

Please Madam, kindly allow the Spirit of God and Spirit of Truth to convince you and don’t accept any distortions.

Thank you.